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Ritsuro Usui の人気の口コミ
No need to mention the quality seafood including fresh crab and squid, but also local Shiraoi beef was a real delicacy(personally loved the “Akami” meat, something between sirloin and tederloin.) Various wines of quality av… 2019年11月22日 11:09
Authentic Turkish plates, prepared by owner-cook Alif who also cooks for official dinners at Turkish Embassy in Tokyo, are served here at reasonable price and in comfortable atmosphere. Cordial service is available in Engli… 2019年05月18日 00:16
金沢 寿司 ~4000円
El mejor sushi de la ciudad(especialmente entre otros sushisutes) con la gente muy simpática y la clientela local que aprecian la comida aquí. Hay que visitarlo. 2019年05月18日 00:14
金沢 居酒屋 ~5000円
Nice food, nice people, nice price. Need to return to Kanazawa every year just to eat here. Would like to put four stars. 2019年05月18日 00:12
Le meilleur resto soba dans la région, beaucoup meilleur que Nonaka ou 176, grace à la qualité des plats y compris la nouille soba et le service. Le seul désavantage est qu'il se trouve un peu loin de la gare. Après 20 minu… 2019年05月17日 23:48
Said to be the best bar in the country around the year 2000 when Watanabe-san was still there. His memory never dies, nor his heritage. 2019年05月18日 01:04
The proprietary got finally on form and re-opened the restaurant after a year of longing of many people. BTW he saved our stomachs after the earthquake when we entered the city with aid teams in 2011, by opening the resto 1… 2019年05月18日 00:58
You can appreciate here delicious home made Oden(Japanese pot-au-feu), not the ready-made Oden packages purchased at Jiyugaoka Garden supermarket that you are forced to eat at another Oden bar 50 meters away. 2019年05月18日 00:45
il ristorante è troppo ampio per un solo cuciniere. quindi il servizio è lento, il menu limitato ai piatti col gusto più o meno giapponese. peccato. 2019年05月18日 00:42
Recommended from an old friend as five star restaurant, but never have eaten there: reservation obligatory, otherwise you are treated like a stray dog(in rude places like this country or its neighbours.) 2019年05月18日 00:39
Good quality soba noodle and side menus are offered here. The cook is very flexible and logical in his way of cooking(e.g. the mode of making the duck roast or the hot water with buckwheat essence.) Another thing very origi… 2019年05月18日 00:25
You can appreciate here something rare in Tokyo, soba à la compagne not the Nagano style(finer and whiter), but rather the Yamagata type(very bold and dark coloured). Service comfortable. 2019年05月18日 00:21
You don't need anymore to go to China Town. Cheap things are already nice, such as lunch time noodles, but you can also ask the plates of the best quality Chinese food such as abalone, sea cucumber, bird nest etc, and will … 2019年05月18日 00:17
Always the same menu, the same quality of food and kindness of the owner for ten years from its inauguration(the same smoking atmosphere too.) Nice resto. 2019年05月18日 00:08
Le cuisinier a matérialisé au niveau très élevé le fusionnement des cultures culinaires européenne et japonaise, pas seulement par rapport à la cuisine sophistiquée mais aussi au niveau du vin et du saké proposés propices a… 2019年05月17日 23:42
Buon cibo e vini de qualità, colla gentilezza del proprietario, nell’edificio artigianale e piacevole. Perché non contentarcene? 2019年05月18日 00:51
You can appreciate here something rare in Tokyo, soba à la compagne not the Nagano style(finer and whiter), but rather the Yamagata type(very bold and dark coloured). Service comfortable. 2019年05月18日 00:20
One of the favorite Chinese of Saiichi Maruya(famous critic), and of my dad(one of the populace), in early 60's. They have changed a bit afterwards, but not too much, because Madame is always there since then. 2019年05月18日 00:15
If you want an American style steak of good quality of the 70's by reasonable expenses, not a Japanese style Teppan-yaki with your banana flambée burning in front of you, just have a seat in this restaurant of nice ambiance… 2019年05月17日 23:59
Surely one of the best Korean of the city, delicious and sympa, with their meat and drink menu. You should try when you are feeling like taking a lot of meat and drink without caring too much about your parcel. 2019年05月17日 23:57